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Signature Style

Vibrant Seniors Living

We know that everyone could use a little more get-up-and-go! So, if you want more out of life, with more energy and vitality every single day, then choose a retirement community devoted to helping you bring positive energy to all that you do! A place with a comprehensive program of activities and services designed to help make every day fantastic.


Each Signature Retirement Community has its own unique character and style, but one hallmark that every Community shares is classic, timeless architecture – individual to each residence, but consistently tasteful and elegant. We believe that a sense of substance is an important aspect of the Signature experience, and that a recognizable level of luxury is part of what makes our residents proud to call Signature home.

Fine dining

Each meal in a Signature Retirement Community is designed by our Executive Chef to tempt the palate with a choice of healthy options. Whether you choose from our daily menu of culinary creations or a traditional favourite, fine dining is a Signature here. Our dining rooms and bistros are gracious, welcoming environments and our servers and hostesses help to make every meal memorable.


Our specially-designed fitness program, CLUBfit, was created just for our Signature residents to help spark that sense of vitality you find in every Signature community. Whatever your physical condition, we have a program that can help you get more out of life. Powerfit, Aquafit, Combofit, Combosit… this comprehensive set of programs was created specifically to suit the needs of seniors, and make fitness fun!