Property List

Licensing and Compliance

As we continue to grow our portfolio across Canada, we ensure that we meet and exceed the licensing and compliance standards in the properties that we operate in to ensure that we are delivering the highest level of service to our residents and employees.

  • All Signature properties located in Ontario are licensed through the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority (RHRA), and in good standing.
  • All Signature properties located in Ontario are members of the Ontario Retirement Communities Association (ORCA).
  • ORCA Education programs are run in each of our properties to ensure that our staff is up to date on mandatory policies for the retirement sector.
  • Our support team ensure that Signature Retirement Communities policies and procedures are updated and relayed to individual sites.
  • As a company we attend sector conferences, education seminars and webinars keeping us abreast of new regulations, and directives from the RHRA, Office of the Fire Marshall, Public Health etc.
  • As part of our annual audit process we employ ORCA as an outside audit system to ensure our sites are compliant with all RHRA legislation.
  • We have all of our sites participate in a Resident Survey program